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This is world class food; this is world class wine; this is world class cheese.
Anthony Bourdain (No reservations: Croatian coast)


wine & dine

If you decide to spend your holiday in Croatia, use this opportunity to get a taste of delicious Croatian cusine. Besides relaxing on the beautiful beaches and exploring historical heritage, pamper your palate with an extraordinary gastronomic experience. When you are in Croatia, you will not just eat well you will eat gourmet well.

The Croatian cuisine is specific for every region, reflecting the country's geography, history, and culture. A single type of Croatian cuisine does not exist, because each Croatian region has its own, unique cuisine. The northern and southern areas of the Adriatic are characterized by differences in taste and preparation of more Mediterranean foods. The tradition of grilling and roasting fish and delicacies of the sea has been carried down by generations. In the north of Croatia however, Austro-Hungarian culinary influences are more evident. Not to be forgotten is the wine, known for its special taste of the warm south. What makes this small country great and interesting for wine connoisseurs is the wide variety of wine categories and grape types grown throughout centuries in such limited space. The choices among the specialties are endless!

Adding to this cultural-geographic element is the fact that Croatia benefits from a physical geography that’s both vertical and horizontal … the country’s famous boomerang shape. This allows a fairly small country to sit within multiple growing zones. And, of course, there’s the sea. Having such a long coastline gives Croatia an upper hand in any regional gastronomic discussion, and not just because of seafood. Grapes, olives, cheeses, herbs of every variety, and a host of wind-cured meats benefit from proximity to the Adriatic.

Unique locations and romantic settings create the ideal ambience for an enjoyable evening. Wide assortments of gourmet wines and master chefs who take pride in their creations using fresh and local ingredients make for a glorious gastronomical experience.

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